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The Road to Rich-Self-Esteem

Self-esteem affects success at work, secured relationships, a positive sense of self, and happiness. Also, Self-confidence enables achievement. The rule of a confidence game drives the business world.
Here are 18 Advice for Self-Esteem from Markway.

  1. Believe you are attractive.
  2. Push your goal.
  3. Kill all fear, doubt, and lack of confidence, or just let them go.
  4. Self-doubt is a demon.
  5. Find out your desire and turn it into the action list.
  6. Develop your self-passion
  7. The action comes before feeling.
  8. The process is more important than the outcome.
  9. Shout every day like “I am the Best!”
  10. Introvert means low self-confidence.
  11. Speak to yourself with kindness.
  12. Congratulate yourself.
  13. Be Strong and Bold
  14. Confidence is not arrogance.
  15. Confidence is the symbol of wealth or status.
  16. Always smiling
  17. Low-self esteem is not your fault.
  18. Don’t Blame yourself.

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