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The Road to Rich-15 Tips for Sales from Brain Tracy

Here are 15 tips for sales from the book, “The Psychology of Selling” by Brain Tracy.

1. Train the important skill several times, not once.

2. Build a habit of concentrated listening, not a casual listening

3. Jot down your ideas.

4. Act on your ideas.

5. Be proud of yourself.

6. Love yourself.

7. Dealing with rejection.

8. Train selling skills.

9. Remember the Pareto Principle, 80-20 rule. 

10. Top performers do certain things better.

11. The most important energy in sales from Self-concept is self-esteem.

12. Two obstacles in sales are the fear of mistakes and rejection.

13. People buy products based on friendship.

14. How well you get along with different people. 

15. Core skill in sales that makes people easily.

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