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7 Nuggets of Deuteronomy 27

1. Obey all commencement God is giving you today.

2. Enter the land Lord your God gives you.

3. Sacrifice peace offerings.

4. Be quiet and listen, all Israelites.

5. You must obey to Lord, your God.

6. Moses gave the charges to people.

7. Curse who steals other’s properties.

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  1. WritingfromtheheartwithBrian

    Number 4 – “Be quiet and listen” is good advice . . . No matter your faith or religion or lack of faith and religion for that matter. Great advice for whatever problem or challenge you’re facing. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Timothy Kang

      Hello Brain! Thank you for your comment. I always keep an open mind to listen to those around me. Especially in the spiritual realm, it’s essential.

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