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Reflection of The Power of Discipline (vol. 4)

Friendships and relationships

Friendships and relationships are about trust. Then, how about a self-disciplined person’s friendships and relationships? A self-disciplined person is confident, eating properly, exercising, and working towards their goals. They believe they are the best version of themselves. Also, the self-disciplined person is always going to live by their word because they value integrity. Thus, they are more likely to have a strong network of personal relationships because they are trustworthy.

Why do people be offended? And what is the role of self-control?
When people are easily offended, it’s because they’re not self-assured. They view criticism as an attack on their character and become deeply offended. However, self-disciplined people are confident, calm, self-assured, and can handle constructive criticism. Hirschi’s and Gottredson’s self-control theory states that criminal behavior is due to an individual’s inability to control their desire. Also, American college students with a high level of self-control were less likely to abuse prescription medication, binge drink, or use cannabis, according to a study conducted by Ford and Blumenstein in 2012.

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