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The gist of “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” from Ramit Sethi (vol.36)

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds with higher fees than index funds typically charge 1 to 2 percent of assets managed annually. Also, it is managed actively by fund managers, whereas the index is managed passively. But, there is no reason to pay exorbitant fees for active management because the key is to get better returns for lower cost. Again, pay less in fees and get superior performance.

Investing isn’t only for rich people.

What is the right investment to meet your financial goals? Investment could start simply by setting up your portfolio, which is easy to maintain. It doesn’t have to be complex, and the focused investing plan saves your time and gets better results. One of the simple ways is automatic investing, which frees you from paying attention to the latest “hot stock” or micro-change in the market. It enables you to enjoy your life more without worrying about your money.

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