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Gist of Immortal by Lex Meyer (vol.25)

We are to eat the bread and drink the wine in”remembrance” of Him. In the same way, people keep the Sabbath to remember the meanings of God’s creation. The godly sense continued to the salvation like the Lord will be saved from your enemies. The hope of deliverance sustains us to stay in faith that God will not forsake or destroy us. The eternal covenant reassures us from turbulence in earthly pains. Clearly, the Lord will descend from heaven and see you on the last day to fulfill His covenant. When Yeshua returns, it will be a year of Jubilee because the captives will be set free. As a season, returning Yeshua symbolizes the harvest related to the end of the age. The harvest is accomplished on the field called “world.” God will gather His people together at the end of age based on the salvation plan through Yeshua.

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