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Gist of Perfect English Grammar (vol.5)

Perfect English Grammar

The Five-Paragraph Essay

The first paragraph starts with an introduction that provides a general opening statement. The background information strengthens the statement and explains how the topic affects others, things, or situations. The purpose of the main theme and opinion is also included in the introductory paragraph. Next, the body paragraph 1 is placed as the second paragraph in the essay. It focuses on the most important argument, reason, or fact supporting your specific statement of purpose. The data, examples, and anecdotes play to reinforce your thesis in the first body part. For the second and third body part, you may follow the same patterns as the first body part. Lastly, in conclusion, finish the essay by rephrasing your specific statement of purpose, emphasizing why it is essential, referring back to the basic points of each paragraph, and asserting warp-up statements.

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