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Gist of Master Your Morning (vol.4)

Morning is powerful for your success.

You must be consistent with whatever you set in the morning routine to control your day. The consistent morning routine develops into habits. The research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit (Gardner et al., 2012). The routine doesn’t have to be complicated, and the simple pattern in the morning has huge cumulative benefits in the long run. The feeling of control of your day reduces stress. You do high-quality activities that include physical and mental tasks at the beginning of your life that affirm you are in control and your day will be productive. The cognitive task related to observation focuses on why we are doing the tasks or whether there is a more efficient way of doing them. The efficient way refers to the training thinking on what’s most important to you and the key direction and goals. The commonality of a successful morning routine shows three kinds—meditation, workout, and readings.

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