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Gist of Numbers 29 (18th Sep. 2023)

NJKV Study Bible

You shall have a holy convocation in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, and offer a burnt offering as a sweet aroma made by fire to the LORD. On the seventh day, seven bulls, two rams, and fourteen lambs are present in their first year without blemish. On the eighth day, you shall have a sacred assembly. You shall have a holy convocation on the tenth day of this seventh month. You shall present a burnt offering to the LORD as a sweet aroma with one young bull and ram. Besides the sin offering for atonement, the regular offering with its grain offering, and their drink offering. Their grain offering shall be of fine flour mixed with oil. You shall have a holy convocation on the fifteenth day of the seventh month. Their grain offering and their drink offerings for the bulls, for the rams, and for the lambs, by their number, according to the ordinance.

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