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Gist of Master Your Morning (vol.7)

Morning is powerful for your success.

Three types of goals, short, medium, and long-term goals, maintain your morning routine. Finding your “why” helps you focus energy, avoid procrastination, and live authentically. The why, driven by short-term rewards regarding a super productive, inspirational, and satisfying day, is a much more powerful motivation. However, the long-term goals required a more powerful shift where you have to pivot your perspective to focus on long-term benefits. The long-term goals go with building habits. Your goal stimulates your motivation. So, think about the long-term realistic goals before falling asleep every night. Morning is the best time to let your thoughts wander and visualize how it would be to be living your perfect life and achieving all that you want to. To clarify your goals, you must reflect, both internally and externally. Also, observe your thoughts, listen to your intuition, and study the world around you.

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