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Gist of Law of Success by Les Brown (vol.8)

Law of success

Listening to your heart and expressing yourself is a great way. The direct way of listening to your heart is journaling. It will help you gain and maintain the awareness you need to uncover your gifts and talents. To find your gifts, you need to listen to your heart and try new things that you may never have tried before, even things that you may be afraid to try. Exposing yourself helps you know what you like or are good at. To execute your new journey, you have to take the initiative of jumping in feet first. It’s never too late to make a change. You may need to take some risks, but remember, all great things come from risk. Further, obsessions are related to your talents, like intuition for new things, so listening to your obsession and new things in your heart leads to discovering your talents. Your obsession will be your gift of constantly trying to communicate with you.

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