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Gist of Law of Success by Les Brown (vol.10)

Laws of Success

Who is your peer and mentors? They can shape your skills and gifts, which you have never discovered. Surrounding great people determines your growth and development. You are unlocking your potential by awakening the purpose of life. Purpose-driven living saves your energy, not wasting your gifts, which are a source of your happiness and freedom. Then, how can you get there where you meet your full potential? The path leading to your potential, made by life that you were always meant to, could be unsafe and hard so you would choose easy ways due to your fear. But, you can overcome the fear with the fight. Grit is compatible with fight, and both refer to mental strength. Will you fight to see your dream? Again, fighting is a shortcut way to win, even though it entails risk. Also, instinct, referred to as wisdom, is key to finding your medium potential.

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