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Gist of Law of Success by Les Brown (vol.11)

Laws of Success

Grit’s best friend is courage. Courageous people seem fearless. Sports stars, musicians, political figures, or anyone else become legends because of their courage. Many of the most courageous people in the world are also scared out of their wits. Courage is being afraid and taking action anyway. You look at your fears and know you are stronger than your fears. So, fear is valuable in some sense, and listen to the new fear because it’s an opportunity to grow. Fears can point you in the direction where you can grow. You can strengthen yourself where you are weak. Overcoming fears gives you a boost of confidence. Failure is only when you give up hope and stop trying that you actually fail. But you will be unstoppable when you mix the courage with true grit. Be courageous, and face your fears. Keep pushing through, no matter how hard it seems. You’ll see exponential growth.

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