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Gist of Law of Success by Les Brown (vol.12)

Laws of Success

Be courageous, face your fears- and be gritty. Keep pushing through, no matter how hard it seems. You start to look at fears as challenges to overcome. Your fears are usually based on an unfounded bias. Face your fears head-on, and show them that you are stronger.

Bring that amazing picture to the front t of your mind. Who you surround yourself with and your team will ultimately determine your success or failure. God wants to put the right people in your life to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Ask yourself, “Who is adding value to my life?” The value givers may be your friends, family, or anyone else cheering you on. You can both invest more time and energy into those relationships and show gratitude for the value givers. There are three kinds of value givers—The cheerleader, The shoulder to cry on, the strategist, and the partner.

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