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Gist of The 5 Pillars of Time Management for Busy People by Neil Cooper (vol.19)

Prioritize your goals.

Lack of sleep, causing fatigue and illness, harms your emotional and physical well-being. So, the next thing you should do after maintaining your best physical condition with good quality sleep is manage your tasks. Planning is necessary to use your time, money, and energy effectively. Also, scheduling reduces your stress. Trying to tackle goals and tasks without planning can leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you know what you need to do and when to do it, you can settle down more quickly and immediately begin working on the first tasks listed in your schedule. You can concentrate on goals with a faster success rate by using MIT(The Most Important Task Method). You can apply the MIT to Long-term goals that must be worked on daily and urgent tasks or short-term goals.

Time-Blocking Method

You can block to answering non-urgent emails, spending time on requests, and attending non-urgent meetings. Use your first two hours of the day for urgent tasks to increase your productivity.

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