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Gist of Law of Success by Les Brown (vol.14)

Laws of Success

Build your own dream team.

Throughout the 90s, the Chicago Bulls were practically unstoppable. A lot of people say it’s because of Michael Jordan, but in reality, it was the whole team that won championship after championship. In order to find people to build your team, you may need to start making some connections. If you spend time where a lot of other successful people are, you’re bound to become successful.

Make a Social Friend.

If you aren’t a social person, consider making a social friend. A social friend can help you meet other people and put together the perfect team.

Always Have ‘Win-Win” In Mind

You should always have a win-win relationship in mind. Be willing to give your own kind of value to anyone from whom you take value. Always be willing to add value. Your team should be built on win-win relationships.

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