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Reflection of “Laws of Success—Law 5” by Les Brown

Laws of Success

Reading self-help books

How much time do you spend to read a book a day? Brown introduced his routine of reading a book for 30 minutes. Usually, reading a book for 30 minutes daily means the pages are about 55 books. There is no doubt book is the root of being an expert in a targeted field. Brown said reading books at least 30 pages daily can change your life.

What does getting out of your comfort zone means?

Getting out of the comfort zone depends on the person but it means doing things faster and more efficiently.

How do we get out of our comfort zone?

Sometimes, feeling bored could mean we are in our comfort zone. Also, you can hardly grow in your comfort zone. Only bold steps can break the artificial barriers surrounding and hindering you. Brown said, “Great things never come from comfort zones.” In short, you have to love discomfort. The bold steps exceed your expected standard in action but lead you to new happiness.

Mental and physical comfort zones

Pushing yourself helps you physically and mentally to break your comfort zone. The mindset of breaking old habits requires your firm declaration like “I am bigger than any problems” along with “there is no limitation for me.” Mental toughness becomes a foundation to keep growing and overcomes any negative voices like “You’re weak.” Then, the firm mindset stimulates your physical willpower and in the end, you may start doing harder than your routine pushes you to a higher level. A morning routine with mental and physical training helps to keep challenging your comfort zone and developing yourself. There is no excuse to be a great person and believe in human abilities.

How long do we struggle with the new zone?

When will the new zone be your comfort zone? Feeling difficult means homework you have to complete. You have to exercise the new skills or work or jobs until it seems easy.

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