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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.2)


Eliminate a Filler Word.

Filler words break clarity when delivering your message. Instead, fill your speech with various words that look like professional speakers.

Facial Expression

Can you read people? Facial expression is a hind to reading their nonverbal language. To make a good impression, nurture your self-esteem and positive outlook because your first impression mirrors your confidence and self-esteem.

Body Languages

Your emotions and attitudes are permeated into your body language.

Listening is Art.

How attentively do you listen to others? Take more time rather than speaking.

Be Away from your Cell Phone during Conversation.

Using cell phones during in-person meetings shows a bad impression. Instead, get the best attitude towards the interlocutor as much as possible.


Making a smile looks friendly and attracts interlocutors.


Handshaking is a simple and fast physical skill to build relationships.

Taking a step elegantly and firmly

The firm steps show your confidence and successful attitude. Remember, your attitude is everything.

What Kind of Words Do You Use?

Words that you use can change or kill others with great power. So be careful what words you would use in conversation.

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