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Reflection of Million Dollar Habits by Robert Ringer (vol.14)

Million Dollar

Don’t Wait for the Best Timing.

Waiting for the best time while postponing your action is a bad habit like procrastination. Ironically, nobody knows when is the best time.

Negative Thinking Hinders Your Actions.

Confidence, which is believing in yourself, is critical to be successful. But, negative thinking causes self-doubt, postponing your actions. Mistakes are named “action,” actually. Also, learning is part of consistent mistakes. So, there is nothing to lose if you try to take action regardless of the results. Remember, winning is next door to mistakes.


To be a final winner, you must know the importance of perseverance to overcome adversities. Perseverance is more powerful than any obstacles, opposition, and discouragement. Perseverance makes you sustainable, not giving up, as a winner through massive rejections and disappointments. Lastly, perseverance exceeds your brain and talent power.

Keep Focus on the Objective for a Long Time.

How long can you focus on a single task for a long time? Train yourself to stick to your objectives with full attention and consistent perseverance.

Don’t Blame Others.

Blaming others is a habit of evading the real issue. Instead, deal with the reality with your gut and bravery. Sometimes, you must accept what you did wrong, but that is just a process to upgrade your action in the following days. Be careful not to be obsessed with your mistakes for a long time. Rather, forget it in some sense and let bad feelings go completely for a new start.

Implement something in the long term.

Planning and doing things from a long perspective is a kind of habit. It always gives you better results.

Face your problem, not running away.

The only way to find a solution is to face a problem.

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