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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.3)


Words can Change a Person’s Heart.

A word has a power. The kind words opens other’s heart, and a sincere apology changes a hostile mood.

Grateful Heart

Getting a thankful heart and verbalizing it is a habit to strengthen your positive mindset.

The Inner World Reflects the Outer World.

How can we adorn our outwards beautifully? First of all, take care of your inner world.

Language represents your identity.

The words you use are who you are because the words represent your thoughts. So, take care of your language in every conversation.

What is Social skills?

Social skills come from understanding and communicating with others.

Listening is Different from Hearing

Listening requires your full attention and active participation. Full attention is key to a successful relationship.

Paraphrasing and Reaffirming are good skill to actively involves conversation.

To understand other’s meanings, we can utilize paraphrasing and reaffirming.

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