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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.4)


Active Listening Leads to Collaboration.

Active listening with full attention without judging or concluding develops relationships, something that causes collaboration. Not only that, active listening builds trust, intimacy, and security.

Why is Active Listening hard?

The tendency to prefer speaking rather than listening hinders you from practicing active listening daily.

The Matter is Not Much Talking.

Talking too much causes side-effects like the interlocutor feeling inferior and boring. Also, talking more about yourself causes depression and damages your self-esteem.

Try to Listening

Practice catching up with the feelings behind the words that come from others.

Be careful when you give your advice.

Have you asked the person for advice? Get permission from others before giving your advice.

Don’t Interrupt while the Interlocutor is Talking.

Interruption in conversation makes more negative results rather than positive ones.

Redirecting Conversation

You can kindly redirect a conversation when your interlocutor is talking about an irrelevant topic.

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