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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.5)


How do you relieve tension during conversation?

Sustaining the conversations reeds your full attention and relevant open-ended questions with empathy.

Clarify a communication.

The following questions between you and the interlocutor clarify the meaning of the communication’s words, phrases, and sentences.

Stay in the right posture.

Unlike crossing your arms and legs, respectful posture and good facial expressions are critical in face-to-face communication.

Respect silence.

Being comfortable with silence in conversation is a good attitude for granting a right to interlocutor.

Wait until they finish it.

Sometimes, the interlocutor takes time to talk or answer for the theme. But don’t conclude their talking with your words hastily.

Nodding is a sign of understanding and respect.

A small body language like nodding is a sign you are understanding.

Break down your message according to the relevant part of the central theme.
The short and relevant part of the main theme is effective rather than long and broad.

Taking a note during conversation is a good habit.

You might be missing the detail points from the interlocutor because you are not a computer. So, taking notes during listening is to help to memorize the points others mentioned.

Do talking with thinking.

You don’t need to talk without stopping, rather create value-based talking with thinking and a short break.

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