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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.6)


Be concise.

We often face urgent moments at the workplace. Concise messages, including easy words, save time and accelerate work speed with co-workers.


A warm and respectful tone has a good influence on interlocutors, as always.

Confirming questions

The blurry understanding of others’ meanings may lead to misunderstanding. So, you need to ask questions to clear your understanding.


Your speaking should be confident, loud, and clear. Then, others would believe and trust you more.

Represent special yourself

Interlocutors focus on your character itself rather than your ways of speaking. Prove yourself that you are special and have unique skills.

Eye Contact

Eye contact during talking brings security, maturity, credibility, and confidence.

Speak Slow and Listen Fast

Work on how to deliver your message correctly and clearly rather than speed, but you need to catch up with other’s speech quicker.

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