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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.8)


Expand Your Conversation

You don’t need to discuss several topics in a conversation. Instead, your dialogue will be dynamic by using powerful questions. Not only do questions facilitate the flow of interactions, but they also turn conversations into tied and broad discussions. For example, you can use open-ended questions to break silence and ice.

Use powerful questions.

Good questions broaden people’s perspective, like looking at an entire forest. They can also draw people to the solution to the problem. Moreover, the questions should be about your audience.

Just Listening without Judging

Listening to others carefully without judging them is a habit and the basis of active listening.

Expose Your Point Quickly

Your leadership relates to your speech quality, which contains a dense core message.

Be specific.

The powerful message always contains detailed information and data, reaching clarity.

Make your message easy.

The purpose of communication is centered on an interlocutor, not on yourself. So, try to encode your message with simple and clear words as much as possible.

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