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Crux of How to Talk to Anyone (Vol.9)


Who is a Leader?

Leaders get enthusiasm and a full interest in others by motivating and collaborating. For speaking, they know how to deliver a message effectively with clarity to an interlocutor.

Control Your Emotions

Sometimes, you need to control your emotions. Staying calm during interaction with an interlocutor is powerful. You can attract anyone if you manage your emotions effectively.

Hard Work

Hard work guarantees success. It seems like an intensive discipline in any field.


Your innate character and morality make integrity. People can trust you more if you show your integrity.

Learning from others

You can help and contribute to those around you. You can also learn from those who have different skills and backgrounds. By listening to others, you can gain their unique perspectives.


How much are you interested in others? Do you really want to help them? A compassion that helps others is the key to enhancing relationships.

Business Communication

The good business environment comes from smooth communication. Eye contact, empathy, non-interruption and judging, and questions during workplace conversations are crucial.

Show Your Reason for the Idea.

In a formal meeting, your opinion supported by enough reasons helps interlocutors and causes smooth communication in the business workplace.

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